New speed paint vid up

2013-01-10 07:25:18 by Gio-Dude

Ok so I started doing speed paint videos and posting them on Youtube. I'm trying to use these vids to help promote my currently self-run t-shirt biz, Swaggeroni Appael. Right now, they're not the best but they force me to practice drawing more and help me chronicle my progress.


I contributed!

2012-11-26 18:00:50 by Gio-Dude

I've finally submitted some art work to Newgrounds! Mostly because I'm trying to build a buzz for my new clothing line, Swaggeroni Apparel

I'll be trying to submit some kind of artwork as well as a speed paint vid every week. Wish me luck.




2009-09-19 02:37:12 by Gio-Dude

This aint new news, but there's a group going around and hacking accounts. They post gay, hardcore porn all over your userpage and submit disturbing spam to the portal.

I was wondering how these people are getting access to people's accounts, if anybody specifically knows.

Also, I'd wish they stop. They think it's funny, but they just don't got respect for other people's stuff. If somebody did something to violate them, they'd probably go cry and tell their moms.

So grow up, hackers. Do something useful for a change....

Clock Day Secret!

2009-08-15 14:46:26 by Gio-Dude

Vote at least 2 on everything comin' through the portal. Your rank will skyrocket!